The Fishing

Inshore Fishing

Throughout all of the year the inshore fishing from Ramsgate offers a longer fishing time, less travelling, and Great results.
We are blessed with having some of the most productive fishing areas close to home.
The famous `Ship swallowers` the Goodwin Sands offer awesome skate/thornback ray fishing for most of the year.
The Broadstairs Knolls offer great Cod fishing in season and superb Bass fishing.

The Margate Sands also produce large numbers of Thornbacks, SeaBass and Cod in season. In all of these areas we also have many shipwrecks which can produce a bumper days catch.

For a pleasant day out, for novice and experienced anglers alike, with the likelyhood of catching some great fish for dinner these trips take some beating. Species you are likely to catch are Cod, Sea Bass, Thornback Ray, Plaice, Dabs, Smoothounds, Gurnards, Dogfish, Pouting, Whiting, Garfish, Mackerel and many more.

Tope/Shark Fishing

These trips are for Novice or Experienced anglers alike.
All tackle etc can be provided.
From the late Spring through to the Autumn we have a large run of Tope Sharks and Blue Sharks within easy reach of Ramsgate Royal Harbour.

In 2011 we were the top boat in Kent and Essex, regularly catching 10 to 20 sharks a day. All these fish are returned to the sea to fight again another day.

We can either anchor and fish deadbaits or driftfish using livebaits for some of the most exciting sportfishing you will find in the UK.

Offshore Wrecking

In We anchor towards the wreck to bottom fish for Conger Eels, Cod and occaisional Turbot that live in the scours.

One of the most rewarding but demanding methods is to drift fish the wrecks using either artificial baits such as Sidewinders, Rage Eels, Eddystone Eels, RedGills, Shads, etc. These baits take great catches of cod, pollock and bass.

We also have a large livebait tank on deck to keep either Launce or Mackerel in. These can be the ultimate bait for the Bass that shoal up on the offshore wrecks.
We regularly set new personal bests for our anglers using both of these methods.

Don`t worry if you are new to any of these types of fishing as helpful, patient advice is always available.